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Analysis Plus Frequently Asked Questions

Ordering Kits

Labs and Testing

Analysis Plus Web-based Training

How to get started?

To start using the Analysis Plus program you need to:

  1. Choose a laboratory service provider. (See the Lab Locations tab)
  2. Register to gain access to that laboratory service provider’s reporting software. We will work with your existing and/or new lab to ensure that your data is loaded. From this point forward, within minutes of your new sample results being made are available by the lab, they will be available (along with your historical data) through
  3. Order sample kits, either online or by calling:

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How do I order sample kits?

You can continue to order sample kits for the AnalysisPlus program two ways (only the phone number will change):

  1. Online by choosing the Order Kits menu
  2. Call our toll free customer support line
    • Lab One Inc. (866-652-2663)
    • POLARIS  Laboratories  (866-341-4396)
    • ALS I Tribology  (877-645-5221)

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Can international customers order kits? Are other languages available?

Yes. Listed below are the international direct contact numbers for our labs:

Some Analysis Plus reports are available in multiple languages. Please contact your lab for details.

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What testing packages are offered?

We have changed our available test packages.  The test packages are grouped into new categories that will enable you to pick the most suitable tests for your business. The categories are:

Within each of these categories you will have the option of choosing either the Basic or the Premium test level of service. 

*This category is only available with the premium laboratory tests.

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Can I ship oil samples through the U.S. Postal Service?

Yes.  However, as before with any combustible liquid, there may be special requirements that must be met.
Per the USPS Hazardous Material Standards, the different restrictions are broken up by the liquid’s flashpoint. The majority of samples that are sent in will have a flashpoint above 200°F (93°C). To ship combustible liquids within this class without restrictions, the liquid “must be properly and securely packaged to prevent leakage.”

Another class, in which the samples may fall into, will be between 141°F (60.5°C) but no more than 200°F (93°C). To ship combustible liquids within this class has a few additional restrictions.

  1. Ensure that the primary (clear) sample bottle is packaged securely within the outer mailing bottle.
  2. Mark the mail piece on the address side with “ORM-D” or “ORM-D AIR,” as applicable. This must be marked near the shipping name.
  3. Mark all items being shipped via surface transportation with “Surface Mail Only,” for air transportation. Each mailing must clearly provide a shipper’s declaration for dangerous goods.
    For a more detailed description, consult the United States Postal Service web site. The relevant section is 4.3 Combustible Liquid Mailability.

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Do I need to install on my computer?

No, is a web-based program and can be accessed from any computer connected to the world wide web.

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Is training for AnalysisPlus available and how will that be provided?

Yes. Training is available to enhance your overall experience with the AnalysisPlus web-based program.

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What if I have a question about the test results?

Please call the laboratory service providers directly for questions about specific test results or interpretations.

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