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Crude, Clean, and NGL Customers

Truck Rack Customers Visitor Orientation and Safe Loading Information

Please watch the following instructional videos ahead of your arrival to the Truck Rack, as this will help facilitate our safety procedures upon your arrival onsite.

Please refer to our guidelines and forms to set up your agreements.
Terminal Customers

Please complete the Terminal Access Agreement (TAA) document, the form has information required on page 1, 5, and 6. There are blue boxes in the form that highlight the information needed. Please also complete a W9 or W13 form and return all to the Trac email listed below.

New or existing terminal questions, please reach out to:


Phone: (918) 977-2323 

Fax: (918) 977-8836

Please carefully review the insurance requirements as stated in the TAA and be sure to add Phillips 66 Company as an additional insured. You are not required to provide the certificate in order to complete the approval process, but Phillips 66 may request it at any point in the future for validation. The certificate holder’s name should read:

Phillips 66 Company
2331 CityWest Blvd.
Houston TX, 77042

Shipper Customers

Please complete the documents below with a completed W9 or W13 form and return all to the email listed below.