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Red Line Oil recognizes ‘a major part of the story’ in motorsports

Red Line® Oil, a leader in performance lubricants, is shining a light on an underrepresented group: the #WomenOfMotorSports. The Phillips 66 Lubricants brand’s social media series features more than 20 women in various motorsports. Mark Beatty, brand director for Red Line, talks about why these women demonstrate what it takes to be champions and why the brand is excited to celebrate their contributions.

This is the second year for Red Line’s Women of Motorsports/Women of Powersports social media campaign on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. This year, Red Line features more than 20 women. What are the opportunities for women in the sport of racing?

The opportunities for women in motorsports and powersports are unlimited. In every form of racing, the sanctioning bodies offer classes for people at every level, from beginners to experts.

Don’t get me wrong, a person is not going to just jump right into an Indy car or ride a motorcycle during a Supercross event. But there are feeder opportunities into every type of racing. All you need is the desire and the commitment to make it happen.

How important is it for Red Line to shine a light on underrepresented populations in a sport like racing?

Red Line is a smaller voice in the racing and performance oil category. So that is one of the driving forces behind everything we do as far as marketing. We don’t have the funds to buy our way into shops, trailers and title rights of races.

We focus on our customers and the people who support Red Line. They are #teamredlineoil. Word-of-mouth advertising and recommendations from friends or competitors are the best endorsement any brand could ask for. So we always try to focus on customers and racers. We let them tell our story. Women are a major part of the story in the sports we love.

How did Red Line select the women you featured?

Each year, we look back at what our customers have done or are doing. We look at new customers and new teams that have joined us. We ask the teams if there are women they would like us to recognize. This year, the response doubled, and our hope is for it to keep growing.

How have people reacted to the campaign?

The reaction has been amazing. Teams share our posts on their channels, racers and their friends and families share our posts, and they are all thankful — thankful that we are giving them a platform and honoring them the best way we can. Most are amazed that a brand would do this for its customers. And that’s what sets us apart.

Any plans for other campaigns we should be on the lookout for?

This year, we’ll follow up the #WomenOfMotorSports campaign with our #WhenYouKnowYouKnow campaign, where we showcase builders and shops that stock and sell Red Line. Once again, we put the focus on them. It’s a winning combination for all.